Welcome to San Vicente de Paúl (St. Vincent de Paul) School in Barakaldo,
one of the many Vincentian schools spread all over the world, member of
the Federation of Catholic Schools in the Basque Country.
Barakaldo's venue is located in 1 Arauti Street, just a one minute walk
from Bagatza Underground Station.
Our educational offer comprises all levels from nursery to Bachillerato.
If you wish to know more about our history, educational goals and
commitments or our offers and facilities just click about the various
links this site provides. There's lots to see!
For further information or comment you can use the e-mail or phone numbers
Hope you enjoy it.

We'll be glad to help you.
Colegio San Vicente de Paúl
C/ Arauti 1.
48902 Barakaldo (Vizcaya).
Community number: 944 371 327.
School's phone number: 944 377 103.
Fax: 944 381 801
E-mail colegio: svpaulb@planalfa.es
E-mail Comunidad: com.paulesb@telefonica.net